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Crochet Training 101

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In every industry there is a trend, it's how the market progresses and places value on new discoveries. In the Loc Industry "crochet" is the new wave, and understanding how it's done will be your ticket on the train.

Learning this technique opens doors for you as a Loctician, with your value instantly increasing because you can now provide assistance to your client in new ways.

Even if you are just hands on and do it yourself this will assist you in your learning.

You will need a crochet needle and loose natural hair or your own locs to practice on. You can use a live model or a mannequin.

Best needles are a clover or tulip brand for single prong and you can purchase a three prong set from Amazon. I prefer the seller Younique.

Enjoy the mini workbook.

Crochet maintenance is the basis for

  • Loc Repair
  • Loc Extensions
  • Instant Locs
  • Wics

Even if you are not a practicing Loctician and you simply want to learn to crochet on yourself this basic intro will assist you.

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I want you to have as many visuals from different vantage points. Understanding that working on a mannequin head and a real client present different obstacles so being prepared for any situation is the basis of these training videos. Learning this skill is an investment in yourself as a service provider and will increase your value to your client base. When you attain new skills your offered services increases and your potential for new clients increases.

Increase in Clients
Increase in service pricing


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Crochet Training 101

9 ratings
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